Legal Cashiering On Demand

Are you managing your accounts staff and legal cashiers directly?


Seriously, you need to be earning the money you deserved as an experienced lawyer. Do not get bogged down in the non-income tasks (NITs).

Saving Partners’ valuable time.

A non income task or NIT is what we affectionately call an administrative task  that only loses you time and money! As solicitors, do you want to spend hours of billable time to resolve issues where you are not necessarily an expert?

Do you want to clear down residual balances, make sure your legal cashiers are posting disbursements as you require and making sure your staff are observing your SRA and COFA requirements?

If your answer is no to any of this,  you need to join the Cashierhelpline!

Are you a Legal Cashier and in need of help?

Are you a Legal Cashier and do you feel like you need some expertise occasionally at the end of a phone, video-conference or email?

Do you have a complex question relating to a case such as reversing a claim for the Legal Aid Agency or VAT on an international client?

Send us your Legal Cashiering query here!

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Legal Cashiering at  the end of the phone, email and video conference!

We have a range of solutions to help your legal accounts. As a team of accountants and cashiers with well over 100 years’ experience between us, we troubleshoot, resolve and train.

Legal Cashiering requires a high level of skill and Law Firms often find they are stuck when supervising their accounts staff. As accountants and legal cashiers with years of experience between us, we are here to give as many law firms as possible the chance to make sure their accounts and legal cashiering are supervised and done correctly.

Whether you have a general query with a particular legal cashiering issue, the SRA accounts rules or COFA reporting, or just can’t reconcile the client account, the Cashierhelpline is a super cost effective way of gaining quality supervision, guidance and training for your legal cashiers. 

By joining us, you are provided with super tools to get lightening speed Client to Office transfers, stress free SRA audits and seamless VAT returns.

We are your rapid  reaction force.

What our clients say

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Features and Benefits

Our CASHIER HELPLINE is a tried and tested service dedicated to assisting cashiers and solicitors with accounting and cashiering queries on a day to day basis. 

Assistance on:

+ VAT reporting
+ Ledger queries
+ Month end processes
+ Solicitors accounts rule breaches
+ Day to day queries
+ COFA support (Cashier Breaches)
+ Accounts Software Support

The cashier helpline includes:

+ Unlimited calls
+ Online portal with training material
+ Instant telephone response by experienced cashiers and accountants
+ Free training webinars
+ Discounted Training
+ Discounted holiday and sickness cover
Discounted file reconciliation services
Discounted residual balance service

Sample Training Resources

Client Money

12 Good Habits for Managing Client Money.pdf

Residual Balances.pdf

Interest Policies for Client Accounts

Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA)

About COFA Reporting

Getting to know the SRA and the Legal Ombudsman

Legal Aid

Legal Aid Rates.pdf

Cyber Crime and Fraud

Money Laundering Monitoring.pdf

£79.99 per month (excluding VAT)